Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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JasperLabs Brings One To One Marketing to Online Advertising

Traditional banner ads are antiquated and many have failed to bring the best technology and practices to market.  As an advertiser you are missing the capture of new consumers due these failures.

JasperLabs would like to introduce our new platform JasperAds to you.  A technological leap forward from today’s online advertising, we have created a true one to one marketing platform working through the online display medium.

We have integrated personalization to the core of our platform and believe in speaking to the segment of one.  These are powerful concepts and combined with the highly interactive capabilities of our platform we’re able to significantly improve online ad campaign performance!


Doing more with less:

We offer a lower cost way of achieving unparalleled personalization, better performance and new metrics going far beyond the dying click through.

Use our platform to bring your brand and product and engage the consumer through dynamic video, up to date promotions, personalized messaging and innovative interactive functionality. 

Measure and optimize on every consumer interaction, lead and sale.



Why show the same 3 boring banner ads?

Consumers are looking for relevant personalized messaging.  Use our platform to speak to each and every consumer and stand apart from the crowd to get the results you're looking for from your online ad campaigns.

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